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What is Dog Training

Dog training is basically the process of teaching a dog to react to certain commands with behaviors tailored to those commands. The most commonly used commands are “sit”, “lie down”, “stay”, “come” and “heel”. Other basic dog training areas include teaching a puppy to relieve itself outside or “house training”.

There’s also crate training and obedience training. There is behavior training to solve problems like excessive chewing, digging or barking. Some new puppies or dogs entering new homes have anxiety issues or eating problems these issues also have dog training methods to help you.

Most dog trainers will tell you the most effective way to train a dog involve’s using treats and positive reinforcement. This method of training dogs helps your dog build confidence and trust in itself and you. Old school dog training methods that are harsh and cruel have no place in raising a well respected canine citizen! In addition, many trainers use a clicker, leashes and specially designed dog collars to enhance their dog training techniques. We’ll cover all of these types of dog training methods and more throughout the site in future posts and articles.

Most dogs live with people who want them to behave in ways that make them pleasant to be around, keep them safe, and provides for the safety of other humans and pets. Dogs do not figure out basic obedience on their own. The fundamental rule that must be remembered is that one should never apply human standards of society onto the dog with the assumption that the dog will understand.

The hardest part of dog training is communicating with the dog in a humane way that the dog understands. However, the underlying principle of all communication is simple: reward desired behavior while ignoring or correcting undesired behavior.

The dog training methods we’ll cover on this site will all meet or exceed your expectations and help in your dog training efforts. You can use these home based, cutting edge dog training techniques to – Get your new puppy or dog to the best possible start in life, correct behavioral problems or to apply basic and advanced dog obedience training.

We don’t just want to train our dogs we want to be responsible dog owners as well. Love Alone Isn’t Enough For The
 Health And Well being Of Your Puppy but with consistency, persistence, compassion and common sense You’ll be the best person in the world to Train Your Dog!

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