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How To Train Puppy Not To Bite People And Stuffs

How To Train Puppy Not To Bite People And Stuffs – How to train puppy not to bite? We all know that every puppy is usually have a destructive habit, where they love to destroy everything around them by their teeth. When we have puppy at home, usually we will feel annoyed when they try to bite something, like our sofa or carpet. Since this is become a destructive habit, we need to train them to make a good habit and not bite everything that exist around them.

It is important for us to train our puppy to get a good habit, because biting habit is annoyed for most of people. Some puppy also love to bite strangers, and this is kinda really bad habit that our dogs need to avoid for. As an owner of the puppy, it is become our job to train our puppy to remove their bad habit since it is destructive and bring disadvantages for a lot of people.

To train our puppy to remove their destructive habit, actually it is not an easy job. We need to build a new habit in our puppy so they could get the better look for their new habit. The new habit in puppy need to be planted before they grow up as a dog, because once they become a real dog, they will bring the habits they have when they are still a puppy. So, when our puppy have a destructive habit and it is not trained, they will bring it although they already become a dog. How to train puppy not to bite tutorial could be found through many sites and we could practice it as well.

The Disadvantages Of Biting Habit

There are a lot of disadvantages that we could get when our puppy have a destructive biting habit. We need to know, that every puppy born with this kind of habit. Usually, they will bite everything around them, no matter what kind of stuff is it.even, they usually bite people especially strangers that comes to our house. Sometimes, it would be important for us to know how to train puppy not to bite so there will be no disadvantages for everyone.

The most disadvantages thing that we could get when our puppy have a bad biting habit is the damage of our stuffs or furnitures. When we place our puppy indoor (inside our house), they usually bite our carpet, sofa, or bed. Of course when they do it as a habit, our carpet, sofa, and bed could be damaged because of their bite. This is a bad thing, remembering that we need to buy new furnitures when they make it damage.

The worst disadvantages comes when our puppy start to bite another people that become a stranger for them. We have to keep the distance between our friends (that become the stranger for the puppy) and our puppy itself to avoid the puppy to bite our friends. Of course this would be a big task for us then. So we need to know also about how to train puppy not to bite people beside not to bite our stuffs.

Some Basic Trainings

There are some basic trainings that we could do to make our puppy have a good habits instead of bad biting habit. As a starter, we could start to give special place for them, where there is no carpets, no furnitures, and no other people beside us and our puppy. The place need to be wide, because it would become a playground for our puppy. When our puppy start to play without stuffs that they could bite, they will lose their biting habit sooner or later.

The other basic training is the replica of the stuffs that our dog usually bite. We have to make the replica with the hard material like wood, so our puppy will feel hurt when they bite it, so they would not bite it anymore. It is important for us to make it especially when our puppy loves to run inside our house, to decrease the damage that they could made.

Play With Rubber Ball

Some people said that the most effective training for our dog is by playing a game. So, how to train puppy not to bite with a game? Well, puppy is always love to catch something through their jaws, so we could make the bite game for them. However, this kind of game is not a destructive game, because our puppy will bite some safe stuffs, too.

We could start to give the training for our puppy by let them play with the rubber ball. We could throw the rubber ball as far as possible and let our puppy to catch it. we could do this kind of game at least every 2 days, so it would become a new habit for our puppy. When they have a new habit to bite the rubber ball, they would not bite any stuffs or people around them.

The Advantages Of The Training

Of course there would be a lot of advantages that people would get when they could train their puppy not to bite. When there are a lot of people that looking for some tips on how to train puppy not to bite, those tips above could be practiced then. The result would not be instant, but it proven works.

When our dog love to bite stuffs like furnitures, by those trainings they will reduce their bad habit to destroy the furnitures by bite it. they will looking for another thing to be bite, like the rubber ball that they usually play. When it is become their new habit, they would looking for it.

So, when we want to get the effective ways of how to train puppy not to bite, we could practice all the tips above, and it is also could be done when our puppy love to bite strangers. The most important thing that we need to train to our puppy when they love to bite stranger is by bring them to have a walk in public place like park, so they will randomly meet strangers everyday and lose their bad biting strangers habit.

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