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How To Train Puppy Not To Bark To Strangers

How To Train Puppy Not To Bark To Strangers – How to train puppy not to bark still become a big question for most of dog owners in all around the world. As we know, the common habbit of puppy is bark, and they do it to everyone except their owner. Of course this is become a bad habit that our puppy need to avoid, and we could found out that every puppy could minimize their barking habit once they are ready to meet new people everyday.

As a dog owner, it is our task to keep our puppy in a good habit, including ask them not to bark when they meet another person except their owner. But of course they could not get it instantly, they still need to get the well training to be given to their dog to avoid the unimportant ways to think about the instant training for the dog itself.

However, the instant training is not good at all. Sometimes we have to get the bad opinion from another dog owner when we could train our dog faster than them. What we need to know, the instant dog training become very popular in nowadays, because there are a lot of people that want to have an instant trained dog. So they do the unproper way to train their dog.

As a dog lover, this kind of dog training would not be good for our dog. Sometimes it would be good for us to get the proper way to train our puppy to become a good dog. Including how to train puppy not to bark need to be done in a proper way so our puppy could get a good habit when they become a real dog in the future. We could learn some tips and tricks to train our dog not to bark to strangers in some proper ways like what said below.

Bring Puppy To Public Space

When our puppy have a bad habit to bark to the strangers they meet, it is means that they already spent a lot of their time inside our house so they only knew the person they meet in the house, not the other person. This is what makes them barking when they meet a new person that become a stranger for them.

We could start to introduce them with another person that they never meet before, so they could reduce their barking habit to become a good habit. How to train puppy not to bark to another stranger could be done by bring them to some public spaces like public park or town hall. By bringing them there, they would meet another person except the person they usually meet at home.

At the first time we bring our puppy to the public place, it might be they bark to every person they meet. But how about bring them to take a walk there? There will be so much strangers that they meet and they will lost their capability to bark because they will feel tired to bark in every strange person they meet. This is kinda effective to train our puppy not to bark to stranger, and we could try this method at least 3 times in a week, to help our puppy build their good habit to become a smart dog in the future.

Tell Them To Sit

Once we saw or know our puppy barking to a stranger, we could tell them in a proper way not to bark to that person anymore. Usually, puppy will listen what their owner want, because they are already keep in touch with their owner. Some puppy already knew how to listen to the order from their owner to make their owner satisfied with them.

To tell them in a good order, we could ask our puppy to sit and tell no with our body language to make them stop barking to strangers. Based on some tips about how to train puppy not to bark, this is kinda effective to make our puppy stop barking to the strangers. The emotional from the dog owner and the dog will make a good chemistry.

But of course, it is only could be done when our puppy already learn about the basic simple training. When we ever give the simple basic training to our puppy, it would be easy for us to make them stop barking with this way. But, when we never give our puppy any basic simple training, of course it would be difficult for our puppy to understand what we want.

Give Them Stuffs

When our puppy barking to strangers and they could not stop it, we could give them some stuffs as a stuffs they could crate for. This is very important to make them stop barking, because it would split our puppy’s focus, and they will have more focus in the crated stuffs that we give for them. This is also kinda effective tips on how to train puppy not to bark and we could easily practice it at our home.

Some people already practice it and make a good choice by buying some stuffs that could be crated by their puppy. The example of this stuff is a rubber ball. Rubber ball is the most effective stuffs that could be given to our puppy to be crated to make them stop barking. This will split their focus and they will stop barking because they have a new stuff to be played.

The Conclution

However, barking become a habit of a dog that said as the bad habit. Especially when our puppy barking to strangers, it would make us feel ashame. They also usually bark to our guests at home, so we need to stop this kind of bad habit. Some puppy have a guardian soul that they want to guard us, but it would be a mess when they are barking everytime. So, we could train our puppy not to bark to stranger by take them to the public spaces, split their focus and attention, and also tell them that they are wrong everytime they bark with our body language.

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