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Doo Doo Don’t Don’t Dog Waste and Its Place in the World

Everybody poops

It’s just a fact of life. Every living creature on this planet must consume food to survive, process that sustenance, and then flush out the waste byproducts. Kids giggle at the mention of it. Adults keep the subject locked away and mark it as taboo. Animals don’t really seem to care about it as long as they can still do it.

And it’s the simple fact that animals do it everywhere and that can cause problems. As a caregiver for your dog, it’s your responsibility to take care of their feces in an appropriate manner. In most counties around the country it is a legal requirement to clean up after your pet, especially when in a public area such as a park or beach.

The reasons for cleaning up after your dog range from sanitation to aesthetics (joggers don’t really want to look at a pile of poop when trotting down the trail). According to www.dogtoilet.com, approximately 50 million registered dogs in the United States produce more than 5,000 tons of waste per day. That really adds up quickly unless it is disposed of properly.

Do you realize how much that actually is? Here is a list of things that also weigh 5,000 tons:

  • 556 killer whales
  • 40,000 refrigerators
  • 2,432 Ford Explorers
  • 10,560,000,000 paper clips

Storm water can carry away waste into waterways, directly impacting the purity levels of well water and other sources of hydration. If dog waste is simply left lying in the gutter it becomes a risk to all those who may potentially drink from a nearby source. Since dog feces are rich in nitrogen, when it is introduced to a water source it can deplete the amount of available oxygen, robbing plant life of nutrition.

It also contains several types of bacteria that are harmful to humans. If the dog feces do end up contaminating a water source, then bacteria such as giardia, salmonella, and e. coli can thrive and infect other organisms, including humans.

Public sandboxes at the park, as well as public beaches, are ideal places to poop as far as a dog in concerned. However, if the feces aren’t cleaned up right away, then round worms and hookworms could survive for extended periods of time. A child looking to build a sandcastle might become an unwitting host to a parasite.

We value man’s best friend, otherwise we wouldn’t own them. They become a part of the family, and don’t you want to take care of your family? By picking up your dog’s feces you can instantly tell if they may be sick or not.

A sudden change in appearance or consistency of the feces may indicate that your dog needs to get to the vet right away. Blood in the stool may also indicate it’s time for a visit. So, you’re not only taking care of your friends and neighbors by cleaning up after your pet, but you’re monitoring their health as well!

Everybody poops, but our pets can’t clean up after themselves. It’s your responsibility to scoop the poop!

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