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How to Potty Train a Puppy When You Work Full Time

No matter how much we love our pets, may it be a cat, bird, fish, rabbit, guinea pig, tea cup pig, monkey, cobra or (in my case) a dog, we just can’t escape the fact that we have to leave them at home, work and make a living.

Nonetheless, working does not exempt us from the duties of a pet owner. As for me, I definitely can’t stop being a responsible owner to my dogs! Come to think of it: no matter how busy we are, we still have to feed, play, and train our pets – no matter what!

And I gotta say, training my pups is definitely such a difficult thing, considering the fact that I work full time. “What is one of the most difficult trainings for puppies”, you ask? That has to be potty training a puppy when you work full time!

Are you just like me who’s just so hardworking and needs to potty train a cute puppy? Well, good news for you! I have some tips which will definitely help you with your potty training issues! Here are some ways on how to potty train your puppy when you work full time:

1. Let your puppy adjust to the environment.

Now, this step is applicable for puppies which are one to six months old. You see, at this age, puppies still do not have any control over their peeing and pooping; and they are still unable to distinguish which signs or actions would occur if they are gonna be excreting urine or solid waste.

These puppies are just the dog equivalent of babies who do not know anything about pooping in their diapers.

So basically, you will need to let your beloved pup grow up, until they become six to eight months old.

2. Choose the potty training method.

By the age of six to eight months old, your puppy would already be ready for training, including potty training. They would already be able to learn tricks and memorize them.

Basically, if we are going to consider the fact that you are working full time, and would be leaving your puppy at home for the whole morning and afternoon; we can concur that the best form of potty training would be training indoors.

With indoor potty training, you are gonna be assured that your puppy will be safe at home, until you come back. On the other hand, if you will engage your puppy in an outdoor potty training, your dog might go out of the house and get lost or hurt.

3. Conduct the indoor potty training.

3.1 Now, the first step in potty training your puppy indoors would be to choose your puppy’s potty area.

It should be noted that the potty area MUST NOT be relatively near to your dog’s sleeping bed. This is because, as weird as it may seem, dogs actually get disgusted when they sleep near their toilet area.

3.2 Wake up early and spend some time with your puppy.

Since you are gonna be out for one whole day, it would be best if you would allocate some time for your puppy every morning, before you set off to work. Feed your puppy and play with it. Also, you can use this time to observe your puppy; if it whines, barks, cries, and walks around so much, it probably wants to poop.

3.3 Take your puppy to the potty area.

You can now lead your puppy to the potty area show it where it should do its toilet business. Command your puppy to poop by saying, “Go Potty”. Be very patient with training your puppy.

3.4 Consistently train your puppy.

How to Potty Train Puppy! Timing and consistency are very important factors for potty training your puppy, so make sure that you feed, play, and train your puppy, same time each day, until it learns how to successfully execute the task.

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