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How To Potty Train Puppy Outside Our House

How to potty train puppy in a good way? We all know that puppy is a kind of hyperactive animal, and sometimes they have a bad habit that make us feel annoyed, including pooping and peeing anywhere. Of course it would be a big problem for us, because we need to clean it all. Especially, when they do it inside our house. It is not easy to clean it, and it also takes a long time to clean it. so it is better to prevent it than to clean it all.

Potty train puppy could be done in some easy steps, but of course we need to do it routinely to get the best result. Some people made mistake by not getting the routine training for their puppy, so their puppy not have a new habit to poop and pee in the proper place, although the owner already remind it once they do the training.

Here are some basic things that we need to know about how to potty train puppy in a good way so we will get the best result of this kind of training. However, it would be important for us to know about the basic steps so we could maximize our trainings for our puppy to get a better and faster trained potty puppy.

Knowing The Puppy Habits

As a puppy owner, of course we need to know what kind of habits that our puppy have. We need to make sure that in nowadays, people looking for some easy ways to train their puppy well. By knowing the habits of our puppy, we could get a better result then. The puppy usually go to the bathroom oftenly (of course when they know about bathroom). They are peeing and pooping a lot. This is become a kind of habit that every puppy have, including our puppy.

The more our puppy drinks, they will peeing a lot. And the more meals that they eat, the more poop they produce. So we need to know about this as a control. Controlling our puppy’s food and drink would become a best thing to avoid the high number of our puppy’s poop and pee. So we could apply how to potty train puppy after that.

Have A Regular Eating Time

Not only human, a puppy also need to have a regular eating time. this is including in a scheduled feeding time. our puppy need to be fed regularly so they will have the regular poop and pee time too. When we feed our puppy in a awful time and not scheduled, they would got the unscheduled poop and pee too. This is what makes us lost ourselves when they pooping and peeing everytime.

However, the scheduled feeding time is very important to control our puppy’s poop and pee. We need to measure the time of the feeding time and also the time of our puppy’s pooping time, so we could know how to potty train puppy with the right time. some people already knew about this and feeding their puppy 3 times a day, that become the ideal time to feed the puppy.

Measuring The Poop And Pee Time

It would be very important for us to know our puppy habit. When they have to eat and they have to poop or pee, we need to know its characteristics so we could do something before they poop and pee everywhere. We need to take care about the habits of our puppy that want to poop or pee, so we know when everytime they want to do it.

It would become a preventive ways to prevent our puppy poop or pee in unproper place. We could start to give them a poop and pee place everytime we know that they want to do it. by do it regularly, of course our puppy could get a proper way to poop and pee too. This is seems like a simple tips on how to potty train puppy, but in fact, it is not easy at all because we need to keep our eyes in our puppy everytime.

Understanding The Natural Habits Of Our Puppy

The natural habit that our puppy have is very important to make sure that they have a good habit that could be built, including to potty train them. As we know, most of dog (and also puppy) have a natural destructive habit, so we need to make sure that we could build the good habit instead of those bad habit that is very destructive.

To gain the good habit for our dog, first we need to measure how destructive our puppy is. When they have the ability to do the good habit, of course it would become a plus point because we could train our dog easier. How to potty train puppy is usually depends on the destructive habit that our puppy have. The more destructive they are, the most difficult the potty training will be. And the less destructive habit that they have, the easier we could potty train them.

Choose Bathroom For Your Puppy

Of course we need to prepare the place that could become the “bathroom” for our puppy. This place would be used by our puppy to pooping and peeing, so we need to prepare the most comfortable place for them. It is important to make the potty place become comfortable because our puppy will make a new habit to poop and pee in there. So, they would not going to anywhere else then when they feel comfortable in there.

It is suggested for us to choose the outdoor area as a bathroom for our puppy, because it could be a mess when we prepare the puppy bathroom in the indoor area (inside our house). The outdoor area that suggested is the backyard. In the backyard, our puppy could spend their time to play with us, and it would not take a long time to make them run when they feel want to poop or pee. By this way, it also would be easier for us to train them, too.

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