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How to Potty Train Puppy in Cold Weather

Potty training is definitely one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to owning a puppy. How much more difficult would it be, if you are going to potty train your puppy under undesirably cold weather? Just imagine, potty training with either snow or ice filling the front yard. That is just gonna be so much more difficult than potty training during a regular day.

But just because it’s difficult, does not mean you already have an excuse of not potty training your puppy. So if you’re planning to do this challenging puppy training in the near future; here are the steps on how to potty train a puppy in cold weather:

1. Search for the perfect potty area.

Just like what we usually do on a normal potty training, the first step would be to look for a potty area. The spot should be just right in front of your house so that your puppy would still feel safe and at home.

Like a few steps away from the front door. But it is also highly advised for you to just use your puppy’s potty area during normal days so that your little angel would feel comfortable doing his toilet business.

2. Shovel up that potty area.

Have you found that perfect potty area? Great! The next step now would be to check the outdoors if there are any ice or snow building up on your puppy’s usual and normal day potty area. (Probably, there is.)

Now, you will have to dig up and remove the snow which has built up and accumulated on the potty area. Shovel up until you reach the ground and dirt; so that your puppy would be able to smell its previous businesses and eventually feel at ease.

3. Wear that jacket.

Of course because of the cold weather outside the premises of your house, you should definitely wear a jacket or coat. And when I say you, I actually mean you and your puppy.

Since your pet is still young, its coat is still unable to protect it from extreme cold. So, be sure you’ll dress your puppy with a cute sweater or jacket so that your little bundle of joy won’t be shivering while “pottying”.

4. Take your puppy outside.

After keeping you and your puppy warm and comfy, you can now move on to the next step which is; taking your puppy outside the house for the pottying proper. Just like what you usually do during normal days, take your puppy outside of the house for its scheduled potty business.

Do this every single day, same time, as if there is no ongoing snow and nothing’s different. Then, while the two of you are outside, give your puppy some time to poop.

5. Make the potty training fun for your puppy.

If your puppy accomplishes the training (or successfully poops), let your pet know that it did something great; give your puppy treats, or you can also pet and praise it.

Playing with your pet would also make it feel more enthusiastic and happy. This way, it’ll think that for every potty business it does, a special treat will be waiting!

6. Create an alternative potty indoor.

However, there are chances in which your puppy might not stand the coldness outdoors and might keep running back inside the house. Or there could be instances in which your puppy will not be able to go out because of an intense snow or storm outside.

And if in any case the said situations would occur; you should always be boy scout ready, and prepare an alternative indoor potty.

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